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    In medieval times, the village of Chiusanico was the main center of Castellania Monte Arosio; It belonged to the bishops of Albenga and later to the Doria family and subsequently to the Savoias. Recent historical research asserts that the Columbus family had its origins in this village and that the navigator was born here. The artistic beauty of Chiusanico is preserved in the medieval centre, where you can admire the historic buildings and portals. In the church of S. Stefano, rebuilt in the last century, one can appreciate the beautiful sixteenth-century paintings of artists De Pancalino and De Rossi.

    Chiusanico is located in the centre of the ‘taggiasca’ olive grove territory. Olive cultivation remains the most important agricultural activity. Also much appreciated is the production of the local Pigato and Vermentino wine. The enogastronomic culture is a discovery in itself.

    The territory is ideal for planning trips, hikes or wonderful walks that lead away from the hustle and bustle of the beaches. One can in fact discover the most enchanting and hidden corners of western Liguria. Sportsmen may appreciate the numerous walks in the typical Ligurian countryside and those who have a bit more energy can venture into the Maritime Alps for trekking. Even those who love mountain biking will find suitable tracks for any kind of level. An ideal locality for those interested in an active holiday in the relaxing inland. The silence and the fresh air combined add to the perfect setting to rejuvenate from the stress of city life. A car is however recommended for travel to and from the area.