The Borgata in the summertime

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    In the summer, there is another side to Liguria to discover away from the seaside, a luscious and vibrant countryside with enchanting waterways, waterfalls and more.

    A land where man had to, and knew the ways and means of modelling steep slopes on good lands for successful agriculture. A fascinating world where the land, rocks, streams and forests combined give life creating harmonious surroundings that leave you surprised every time.

    If you wish to discover this special corner of the world, just take one of the numerous roads that plunge into the green silver tipped olive groves, come across the silence of rural medieval villages, rough of stone but soft in soul.

    A different way of experiencing the seaside, where one can choose to spend the day discovering beautiful beaches and coves and then take refuge in the tranquillity of the cool relaxing village. Chiusanico and its Borgata Castello is one of these, only 20 minutes by car from the sea. Discover our homes and apartments and contact us to choose the stay formula that you prefer for you and you and your guests.