Cultivar Taggiasca

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    The Cultivar Taggiasca is the fine variety of olive tree present in western Liguria.

    In the period from mid-November to mid-January the olive harvesting begins using traditional methods and practices. You can participate in this millennial activity that is a truly unique experience where you can be directly involved at all stages: preparation of the networks, beating, pruning, harvesting, transport to the mill and pressing.

    The minimum commitment to this activity is approximately of 4 hours with 4 people either carried out in the morning or early afternoon. The recommended dress code is ‘country style’ with non-slip shoes and thin leather gloves. Depending on weather conditions you may need a windbreaker jacket.

    Book this amazing experience and pair it up with a weekend or weekly rental formula. This activity is also recommended as a ‘team building’ exercise and can be combined within the study or work program.