Borgata Castello

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    Why choose to stay in the Borgata Castello of Chiusanico?
    This medieval village of the Riviera dei Fiori is located in a panoramic position about 400 meters above sea level surrounded by olive groves, just 12 km from the coast where the land slopes gently from Pizzo Evigno (989 meters) to the villages of Gazzelli and of Torria, dominating the valley of the river Impero. On one side, one can admire the sea, on the other, the Maritime Alps, a charm that takes your breath away with the coast and the city of Imperia, just 12 km away. Major attractions such as, Monte Carlo, the French Riviera, Sanremo and Alassio can be reached in about 40 minutes by car. Do not miss the other gems of the hinterland such as Pieve di Teco, Apricale, Triora and the resorts of the southern Piedmont region, for those of you who are gastronomically inclined.