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    Homes and Gardens

    in the medieval village of Chiusanico Borgata Castello

    The beauty of the Ligurian Riviera di Ponente does not limit itself just along the coast. Even the hinterland and its glorious countryside, attracts tourists with its bright serene valleys, holiday resorts, ancient villages and castles that still today appear to be intact medieval scenarios.
    The Borgata Castello of Chiusanico is a quaint village immersed in the hills where time seems to have stopped for decades. Amongst woods, olive groves and pastures you can admire the breath-taking views and appreciate the true genuine lifestyle.
    An ideal place to spend leisure holiday time, relax and rejuvenate. Leisure activities as well as study or work, may be organized throughout the open spaces or public areas of the medieval centre of the village.
    The origins of

    Christopher Columbus

    Experience both

    the seaside and the mountains

    in the historical Borgata Castello of Chiusanico

    The western Ligurian Riviera extends itself about 150 km from the Côte d'Azur border up to Cogoleto, it is divided into the Riviera dei Fiori, from Ventimiglia to Cervo and the Riviera delle Palme from Andora to Varazze.

    The inland mountains reach considerable heights and dominate the medieval villages, still perfectly intact, surrounded by unspoiled nature. The beaches have always been a popular touristic destination and are amongst the most renowned and awarded in Europe.


    Ligurian Riviera

    live the territory as you wish

    Is a long as 20 km, the route can be used by pedestrians and cyclists in both directions. This trail initiated on the coastal route of the old single railway track between Ospedaletti and San Lorenzo al Mare, on the Genoa - Ventimiglia railway line, which was dismantled in 2001 and moved upstream.

    This Mountain bike path that gradually climbs the ridge dividing the ‘valle impero’ and the ‘Valle Dianese’ has a landscape where olive groves and a forest prevail at the summit. Across the historical medieval towns of Chiusanico and Diano Castello, a magnificent view of the Gulf of Diano Marina and the sea emerges.

    In the Borgata Castello one is able to abandon the daily stresses of life, the hustle and bustle of busy towns and seaside locations, soaking into a rural landscape, and enjoying the silence that prevails in the town of Chiusanico. Embrace the calm and tranquillity that the environment brings and get in tune with nature, relax and savour genuine emotions.