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      Pedestrian & Bicycle trail

      The coastal park of western Liguria has a pedestrian/bicycle route and is one of the longest in the Mediterranean.

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      Chiusanico Mountain Bike

      Directly from the medieval village of Chiusanico, the Borgata Castello you can enjoy a very beautiful panoramic mountain bike hike

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      The Borgata in the summertime

      There is another side to Liguria to discover away from the seaside. A luscious, vibrant countryside with enchanting waterways, waterfalls and more.

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      Restaurants and Trattorias

      Here you will find recommendations of places to eat well, no frills and good value for money.

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      Cultivar Taggiasca

      The Cultivar Taggiasca is the fine variety of olive tree present in western Liguria.

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      Fattorie Didattiche

      The term ‘Fattorie Didattiche’ indicates a special program for elementary and middle schools.

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